Rusty Paper Technique

I thought Id share this technique with you, its one that was passed on from a talented lady by the name of Kristi Wright. I love this technique, its fun to make and the resulting paper is perfect if your into heritage crafts of any type.

You will need :
: An old slice tin (not the non-stick type) as it has to be able to go rusty.
: Spray bottle
An assortment of odds an ends such as  lace, paper doilies, washers, screws, bottle tops... pretty much anything goes!

Spray the slice tin with an equal quantity of water and vinegar.
Place your tin in a sunny spot and leave it to go rusty.

Add more spray as your tin dries. Keep spraying until you feel your tin is rusty enough.
This sounds like rather a long process, but truly it does not take too long at all, especially if you do this outside on a sunny day.

Next, line your tin with a sheet of paper of your choice, I usually just use an A4 piece of printer paper.
On top of your paper place your odds and ends.

Spray again with your vinegar and water mixture, then pour on about 2 dessertspoons of janola.

Gently wiggle your tin around as best you can to mix the janola with the vinegar and water.

Now leave the tin, complete with odds and ends  in a sunny spot to dry.

Once dry, lift off your odds and ends and check out your paper!

                                          Below is a card I made using Rusty paper.

and, here is a wee peek at how I have used some rusty paper on a scrapbook page. I'm not allowed to show you the whole thing, but it is in the last Up2scrap magazine, so check it out there if you have a copy.

Happy creating everyone

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Carol said...

Wow, this card is amazing. I love all the gorgeous details and embellishing. It is just awesome.

Bear Hugs,
Carol :O}

Axel....{Carol} said...

Totally stunning Sonia,Your card is amazing :)

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG ... this is gorgeous ... now do I have an old slice tin that isn't non-stick ... perhaps not!

carol said...

Hi Mrs Frizz,lovely to see ya,the best thing to do is go to an oppshop,if you try it out please do show us how it went

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