From Trash to Treasure

Here's just a little something for you to try in between scrapbook page's

Take one Eclipse Mint tin, or any other small container and roughly paint the outside.

Glue a favorite photo, or picture onto the front of your tin, then glue on other bits and pieces at random. I have used shells on this one along with a few beads and gems. Sprinkle your tin with tiny beads, or sand and then shake off the access, this will stick to any part of your tin that has 'spare glue'

Once your glue has dried apply paint over the whole thing, except the part of your photo you wish to have visible. Glue a bead, shell, or similar onto the lid of your tin. Let this dry and then paint the lid.

You can full your tin with goodies, or make a tiny Tag Book to tuck inside. These make sweet little gifts for just about anyone.

Happy Crafting!

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carol said...

I was so lucky to get one of these from Sonia,and i LOVE it so much i wont to make my i asked (ever so sweetly) if she could post a tutorial on the "HOW TO"
so we could all have a go at it, at the same time. Believe me you wont regret it.Inside mine there were
the coolest buttons,you could put anything in them each time to suite the person your giveing it to.. please e-mail yours to me and i will post the on the blog together,imagine how cool that would look

Carol xx

my email is

Nic said...

that is adorable!!! Man you guys are clever!

Tricia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tricia said...

Spelling mistake in my last comment LOL
GORGEOUS TIN Sonia :O) Very lucky Carol.

carol said...

haha no worries Tricia I'm the worlds worst speller as you will see :) I have nearly finished my first try at this,They are just so cool.

Brenda said...

Wow that wee tin is gorgeous all right. Cant wait to see what you have done Carol!!

sue said...

This is very very cool!! Love the one on Sonya's blog also, which she entered into the Southern Girls Challenge! Just amazing! I am going to have to get some of those mints and give it a go!

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