Be Insired

How are your January scrapbook pages coming on?? Keep them coming ladies, Carol and I need you all for inspiration!
Last week I received this very inspirational hand made gift from a very talented lady by the name of Ngaere Bennetts. I thought Id share it with you as its far too spectacular to keep all to myself!

If you peek closely (click on the picture for a larger view) you might just see the shells and sand that are trapped inside the window.

Ngaere has a real knack for adding wonderful texture and detail to her work. I sure hope this mini folder inspires you all as much as it inspires me.

It sure show case's many ways in which you can add dimension to a project. Try some of Ngaere's ideas on your January page.


carol said...

OH i love Nacre's stuff,its always so interesting,little bits here and there and the more you look the more you see.She puts so much work into her stuff.Thanks for sharing it with us Sonia,maybe we could convince Ngaere to do an tutorial of one of the awesome things shes created and an of the page challenge for us :) some time

Kelly Slattery said...

Wow that's gorgeous!

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