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Hi everyone, If your feeling like I am then you will be finding it very hard to get your mind on Scrapping at the moment, our minds and Hearts here at Birds of A Feather go out to the people of Canterbury, and those beyond who are affected in anyway at all by the horrid Earthquake in Christchurch.

Carol has posted this on her blog...

If you would like to help give a child in Christchurch a little distraction,you could join us in marking a bottle filled with goodies like small colouring in book and pens/games/spinning tops a few sweets that kind of thing.I have a link to show you how to make one,its very very easy
check it out here its called (
plastic gift bottle tutorial) the best size bottle is either a 750ml or a 1 ltr drink bottle,if you would rather send the goodies to me, i will put them in a bottle for you.Try to make it generic if possible but if not mark it Boy or girl.

Also please put your name and address or e-mail with your goodies. so i know where they come from if i need to get in touch.

I will pass these on to either the salvation army or red cross.There must be some very frightened kids down there,they look to the adults for safety,and many of them are frightened and confused right now.

Please e-mail me for any information or questions and my address.
and remember a little can make a BIG difference. If you have any ideas or suggestions about this please do share by leaving a comment.

What a great idea Carol!

I had a go at one of these today, I still have to decorate my bottle, but here is what my first bottle looks like so far...
Hope some of you are able to help out, these are fun to make, very simple and not at all expensive, I got bits and pieces from the $2 shop. Be warned though, its tricky to fit big things in! I had to cut up my sticker sheets up as there was no way they were going to fit inside that bottle. Wrapped lollies would look neat as well, might be a trip to town coming up tomorrow :-)

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carol said...

Thanks so much for posting this Sonia,I have 14 bottles so far and more comeing,i will send these of in a few weeks so people have time to join in

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