Touching Base

Hi all, hope some of you are planning a crafty weekend.I have a bit of gardening I have to take care of before I make it to my craft room. Earlier in the week I cut down a large willow tree that grew on our front lawn, now I have wood, and branches everywhere!

We need more people to take part in the latest ATC swap, so if you have time to spare then have a go, we'd love to see your work. Just pop your name in the comments box and I will add you to the list :-)
Here are a few black and white ATC's from my collection,(made by other people) to get you inspired!


As some of you may know Carol is busying moving house so we are going to have to do without her for a wee while. Best of luck with the move Carol, and we will miss you! Hurry back.

I will pop the next sketch challenge up in the next few days, so stay posted.

Thanks to all of you who pop in from time to time, Carol and I appreciate your visits.

Have a happy, creative and safe weekend.

Here is an up date on our ATC players so far.

This swap is kindly hosted by Ann

1 Ann

2 Carol

3 kathy

4 Sonya

5 Tricia

6 Lainie

7 Nicola

8 Niknak

9 Brenda

leave you names in the comments box if you want to join in :-)

The return date for this swap will be by the end of June, so plenty of pressure.


Lainie said...

Hi Sonya....I know it will be here somewhere but I'm going blind. When is the return date for the ATC's. I'm tempted to add my name but depends on how long we've got to complete them.
Thanks for sharing the examples.

carol said...

Hi Lainie, usually we try to get 9 people,then set a date from there,most of the time you get a month from when we get the 9 people.Hope this answers your question... of to work,its dark and cold ewwww i wont to stay in bed lol

Niknak said...

I will join in!!! Nik Wilkinson, you have my details Sonya

Lainie said...

Thanku Carol, sign me up TY!!

Brenda said...

Put Me down too please if Im not too late....

carol said...

Guess what !!!!! I got to meet Kathy tonight :) I went to NZ scrapbooking to get some fabulous tips from Kathrine Green ( her work is amazing) and we figured out we knew each other from Birds of a Feather lol Was great to meet you Kathy.And I'm sooo jealous that you got to meet My lovely on line friend Sonya and Andrew,I will get down there ONE day

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