Photo swap

I thought this would be a good place to keep tabs on things,so feel free to post questions .

Ok I did a draw of names and this is what we have

Cherie scraps Carol`s Photo ....
Carol scraps Danice ... "
Danice scraps Sonya... "
Sonya scraps Brenda .... "
Brenda scraps Elaine... "
Elaine scraps Cherie... "

I will e-mail of the addresses of your artist for you to send your photos to, I think If we aim to
get our photos away early next week,this will give you time to chose and or print of your photo
over the weekend. And then return them at the end of February.

Is every one ok with dates? any questions ?
Remember this is just a guide

Also please let us know you have received your photo to scrap,In the comments box below

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Brenda said...

This is a good idea Carol just like a wee meeting place...As you know I have finished mine and are very happy with it and know E will be too... So 1 down 5 to

Elaine ( a.k.a. Nana E) said...

Cherie I would like you to contact me and let me know if your photo on way???


P.S. Would be great to have it so I can "suss" it for a L/O or a canvas???

carol said...

Yay i have danices one via e-mail,clever girl she is.

carol said...

booooo its no good,because it pixcelated when i got it inlarged :( ya better send one via e-mail this time Danice

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