Useing Crackel Paint

I love to use this Technique,its great for decorating
boxes,embellishments and many other things.
The best part is you control the colour and the
amount of crackle you have,the thicker the coat
of paint on top the bigger the crackle,the thinner
the top coat of paint is,the finer the crackle will look

I like to use a dark colour on the bottom,but you

can reverse this and have a lighter colour on the

bottom and a darker one on top,its up to you.

1/ First using a water based acrylic paint,

do your first coat and let it dry well.

2/ When totally dry use your crackle medium and

paint it generously over the top of your first coat

make sure this is totally dry before proceeding.

I get my crackle medium at spot light,its made by

folk art,but I'm sure you could get it elsewhere.

3/ I squirted this on to show you that its good

to be generous whit your top coat,but i usually

just load up my brush and apply the top coat

is sweeping motion (don't paint up and down-

like your painting a house) one stroke down ,

if you keep going over it you will fill in the crackle

as this starts as soon as you apply your top coat.

Here's an example,you can see where the paint

is thick the cracks are large (to the left) and on

the right the paint is thinner,DONT be afraid,

Just go for it.

i embossed a clock face

Added some numbers

the rest is just decorating

I got a tiny easel from the $2 shop,took the

back of it and painted it

Hope you have fun with this Technique.

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Today for Tomorrow said...

Thanks for the tutorial Carol. Haven't experimented much with the crackle so will try what you said. Your creation looks great.

Brenda said...

Yay Thanks for putting this up Carol. I have had a go at this already, but now see where I went wrong will definitely be trying it again..Loving your finished project it looks awesome!!!!

Axel....{Carol} said...

awesome, don't forget to show us will you :) its a fun way to decorate your embellishments to

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